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Trampolines are very popular. You see them everywhere! But are they all the same? With so much choice it is difficult to choose the right trampoline. That’s why BERG has listed the points to be aware of when making the best choice in safety, durability and price. Read the handy tips below before buying your BERG trampoline.

Tips before buying your BERG trampoline

Frame: the basis of a good trampoline
A cheap trampoline often has a frame constructed of cheaper materials. Is the frame galvanized on the inside as well as on the outside? This means that a strong rustproof layer has been applied to the frame. This is an important indicator for a trampoline that lasts a long time. The greater the tube diameter and wall thickness, the better the quality of the frame and the longer the trampoline will last. Each BERG frame is equipped with several strong connection pins. The advantage of this is that the connection pins connect all the component parts together. Moreover, the legs underneath the trampoline do not fall off when the trampoline is moved from A to B.

Protective edge: essential safety
The protective edge is the edge of the trampoline (often green) that covers the springs. The thicker and wider the stuffing or padding of the protective edge, the better it will protect you if you accidentally make a wrong jump.

Springs: perfectly adjusted
BERG trampoline springs are specially designed for children, however, they are also safe for adults. Children often weigh much less than adults, so to ensure that children are still able to jump without tiring easily, the Goldspring+ is a very flexible, supple spring.
To ensure that the springs are safe for adults, they are very strong and made of thick wire. Did you know that just one spring can support 50 kg?

Jumping mat: the more stitches, the more safety
The jumping mat has triangular eyes for the spring attachment. The more frequent the mat has been stitched through, the safer and more durable it is. BERG always stitches the mat 8 times for extra security.


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