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Berg E-Gran Tour Off Road 4 Seater Family Go Kart

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Offer your guests a unique experience! This family bicycle, the Berg E-Gran Tour Off Road 4 Seater Family Go Kart, creates an unforgettable moment! An innovative feat. What makes the E-GranTour so special is the fact that it is fitted with a battery, which provides the pedal support. This has the following advantages:

  • Pedalling is easier/lighter
  • Users can go on for longer, so you can rent out the family bicycle for longer too
  • High levels of fun
  • Users see more of the surroundings (cycling greater distances)
  • Hills or unpaved roads are easy to navigate (sand/grass/gravel, etc)
  • The target group becomes bigger, as older people will also find it easier to pedal
  • The battery has been tested extensively and will last longer.


    • Lithium-ion battery (36V, 15Ah)
    • Battery charger 500W E-motor
    • Replaceable rear axles
    • Freewheel (2x)
    • E-sensor
    • Easy chain tensioning
    • Swing axle
    • Adjustable steering rods
    • 46cm/18” all terrain wheels

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