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Berg GranTour Racer 2 Seater Go Kart

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The robust Berg GranTour Racer 2 Seater Go Kart is designed for families! Innova design with black chassis really light and orange seats and tires. Two adults can drive on dirt roads.

Automatic Freewheel system, or what is the same, the freewheel, allows you to drive forward and backward as well as the wheels move independently of the pedals. This increases security on steep descents. In addition, it also incorporates brake and parking brake with the back wheels. These wheels are wide enough to drive the kart by difficult terrain.

Measuring in at 190 cm long, 115 cm wide, 102 cm tall, and weighing 100kg, this model is designed for kart hire positions. What are you waiting to test this quad!

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