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Blue Rabbit Pagoda Climbing Frame

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As playground tower with the biggest platform of the entire Blue Rabbit 2.0 range (1.4m x 1.6m) the Pagoda provides children plenty of room for playing. The integrated balcony that can be used as an outlook post greatly enhances the play value of this spacious tower. The below sandpit offers a huge space for digging and building sandcastles. Resembling an ancient Chinese temple the unique Pagoda look is a guarantee for hours of discovery adventures.

The Pagoda has two entry openings, one at the back (inclined ladder) and one at the front (vertical ladder). The front entry opening can also be used for adding an extra module to the Pagoda, or even a second slide.

The Blue Rabbit Pagoda is also available is two platform heights which are 150cm with a 2.9m slide and 120cm with a 2.28m slide so please choose which one is best for your children.


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