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EXIT Kickback Multi-station

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The EXIT Kickback Multi-station is a ultimate piece of kit to hone your football skills. With the Multi-station you can work on your close game elements of soccer, such as:
– passing
– shooting
– first touch control
– goalkeeping
– heading the ball.

Shoot or throw the ball against the Multi-station and it comes back with a surprisingly high speed. Practice your goalie skills by placing the Multi-station next to the goal so shots come off at an angle at speed to practice match scenarios! This is a product which is not only fun for the garden, but also an essential piece of equipment for training!

The Kickback Multi-station has a dimension of 120×90 cms. So it’s a great size for sport! And, of course, EXIT have thought this through so that the angle of the Multi-station can be set between 35 ° and 90 ° in 7 positions. So the Kickback Multi-station is suitable for all kinds of training. Setting the angle is done in a snap, which can be quickly chosen during training if you want to play another game or practice another exercise.

The Multi-station is beautifully designed and very robust.The metal is galvanized and then powder coated black. So double the  protection for years of use for children and adults alike! The Multi-station net has strong rubber bands attaching it to the frame, which ensure that the Kickback Multi-station gives a silent but very powerful rebound. The Kickback Multi-station is beautifully finished with a high quality PVC cover edge. Finally, two anchors are being supplied in order to be able to secure the Multi-station.

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