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Exit Loft 350 playhouse

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Every child would like to have his/her own playhouse with side extension in the garden. A safe place to play and relax with friends, brothers and sisters. The Loft 350 is such a playhouse.

With its large inner dimensions of 1.18 x 1.71 m the Loft 350 is a spacious house where children can play freely. And even in the rain it stays dry inside because of the waterproof roof.  The ideal playhouse and a dream come true for every child.

Durable The houses are made of dried cedar wood. This is a special kind of wood because it is naturally weather resistant, so it can easily withstand humidity. The cedar wood has not been treated with chemicals, which often is the case with other wood types. Cedar wood is therefore safe for the envorinment and for your children!

The panels of the playhouse are already painted with a water based stain. Safe! Of course this play house conforms to the applicable safety standards (EN-71) in order to guarantee optimum playing safety for your children. Besides this the cedar wood has not been treated with chemicals andit has the pleasant feature that it does not splinter. Variation The construction can be mounted both left and right side of the cottage. The slide can be mounted left, right, or front. This applies also to the stairs.


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