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Jungle Gym Cubby Climbing frame

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Offering activities on several different levels, Jungle Gym Cubby Climbing frame with children’s slide is compact yet extremely versatile. This wooden play equipment incorporates a children’s slide and a climbing wall, with play spaces on two levels for a fresh perspective. The sloped wooden roof provides shelter whilst allowing space for play, with standing room of over 160 cm. The balcony offers a great lookout and the Steering Wheel is a further source of dynamic play. If you’re considering customisation potential, this play tower with children’s slide can easily be extended via the Bridge Module.

High quality, especially designed for children. We always use materials and finishes that are soft for the hands, provide maximum grip, and apply to the strictest health and safety requirements. With rounded edges and corners, weatherproof and UV-resistant.

Timber pack cut to size
Wavy Star Slide Long
Slide stickers
Climbing Wall
Steering Wheel
Sandpit cover 120×130
Ground Cover
Bumper Pad™ x 2
Jungle Flag™
Handgrips x 6
Bolt Caps
Metal brackets
Ground Anchors plate x 4
Instruction manual
Sandpad & Leveller
Product Identification
Jungling Cards™

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