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Dino Go karts

Go-Karts for Outdoor Kids
You love to go outside with your DINO Go Karts in any weather and enjoy playing in the fresh air. After school your go-kart already waits for you, ready to take on new adventures. Race your friends, play skill games or transport your treasures in your trailer. A DINO Go Karts always brings action and fun for outdoor kids like you.

Whether Stylez, Classics, Tracks, Race Line, Kids or one of the other models – Dino Go Karts range provides vehicles suitable for any age and range of use. All DINO Go Karts are designed in such a way that they can be used in a private as well as in a commercial context.

Security and Quality „Made in Germany“
DINO Go Krats has designed and produced pedal-driven go-karts in Brual in North-Germany since more than 20 years. They exclusively use first-class selected materials meeting the highest quality and security standards. DINO Go Karts constantly undergo technical and practical tests. There vehicles are certified by external testing institutes and carry the CE marking. DINO CARS® convinces by offering a 5 year framework guarantee and a long-term spare parts supply.

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