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BERG Champion InGround 14FT Trampoline

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The Berg In Ground Trampoline offers a unique and patented solution to those people who want to install their trampoline as subtely and discreetly as possible.

The Berg In Ground Trampoline is Europes first and only trampoline that has been constructed especially for bedding into the ground. You can integrate your trampoline into your garden in a neat, ultra simple and safe manner.

The frame is especially designed for an easy and safe installation and you don`t pay for the intermediate legs which you will not need. The top rail rests on specially made lowered feet, which are fixed into the surface with the accompanying ground anchors.

The trampoline has a frame net that is attached to the trampoline itself. The frame net provides extra safety so that children, animals and or objects cannot get under the trampoline. This enables the trampoline to have a sufficient clearance area to allow you to bounce well (completely submerging the trampoline will create a cushioning effect that can obstruct bouncing). This inconspicuous trampoline provides your children with tremendous fun without impacting on the look of your garden.

The Berg inGround Trampolines have short stubs for legs which mean there is hardly any digging required to give a safe and aesthetic trampoline and which also saves the cost of a safety net.

It is not as tricky to install a Berg In Ground Trampoline as you may think!

The Inground trampolines have short stubs which mean there is hardly any digging required to give a safe and aesthetic trampoline which also saves the cost of a safety net.

The Berg trampolines have a wider protective edge.The green, 30mm thick frame pads are 38cm wide, completely covering the springs and top rail for maximum safety. This wider edge means that the springs will always be covered even when jumping, therby reducing the risk of being caught in the springs. The other advantage to the protective edge hanging a long way over the top rail is that it will remain secure in its position much better than if it has a slight overhang.

The filling of the padding is 30mm thick , a thick protective edge provides great protection if the jumper falls. The closed cell foam construction of the padding means that the protective edge will not absorb any moisture and this will make it more durable

110 KGS weight limit

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