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Blue Rabbit Penthouse Climbing frame with Net

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A king size play tower for king size fun!

The Blue Rabbit Penthouse Climbing frame is extra large, with three connecting platforms, is the ultimate play experience for both toddlers and youngsters. They will love the various entries and exits. Hours of fun guaranteed!

The three connecting platforms can each be equipped with a corresponding modules.

There is only one design version available for the Penthouse, since the 3 different platforms offer plenty of opportunity already.

Click here for a 3D model of the Blue Rabbit Penthouse shows with opt small slide and double swing module.


Accessoires show in image

In the Picture you will see a range of accessories to add to the fun.

Slides Colour

The Slide is 2.9m long please choose which colour you would like.


Here are the two Module you can add to the penthouse, on each module you will need to add two swing kits

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