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EXIT Multi-Sport Netz 5000

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The EXIT Multi-Sport Net 5000 is a sportsnet with many functions. It can be adjusted to three different heights. Tennis, beach tennis, football tennis or volleyball, all are possible.

With a width of 500cm, this makes it possible that the net fits in most gardens, yet wide enough to be useable for the purpose it is intended. The green top edge of the network ensures that the network is clearly visible while playing. By the width of no less than 5 metres therecan be played with many people at once! In an instant you can change the height of the net. Just click the pipes to the correct height and let’s play!
Height net Low: +/- 100cm
Height net Mid: +/- 172cm
Height net Top: +/- 243cm

The beautiful design and quiet colors of the Multi-Sport Net would compliment any garden. The robust frame and very strong net guarantee hours of fun! The EXIT Multi-Sport Net has a double net tensioning system to ensure that the net remains tight. The horizontal metal tube connection in the bottom of the net extends from one side to the other. The width of this connection is adjustable, so tension can be dictated. The elastic connection at the top of the net to the posts ensures that the network also on the upper side is pulled tight.

Further, in addition to the stable tripod you can also use the unique anchoring system from EXIT consisting of anchor tubes and ground anchors! Therefore the sportsnet is very stable to place in your garden for lasting play. gone are the days of cheap sets contantly falling down!! Even while playing volleyball or footballtennis. Do you have to mow the lawn? The sportnet is easy to lift out of the ground anchors so that the lawn can be mowed. And afterwards the sportsnet is easy to put back in the same place as the anchors stay in position. But even without anchoring the net is firmly on both legs. So it also can be used indoors in a sports hall or gymnasium.


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